5K UP Rib Mountain

I like, everyone else, wishes they had more time to make more memories with Adam, but at least I had one. My favorite memory was him running my first 5k with me. Julie was “supposed to” but injured her back in a car accident. So instead of me going by myself, Adam nobly volunteered. Little did he or I know it was actually UP a rough route of a ski hill on a sunny October day. Four laps up and down the ski hill but we both finished! Noble, fun, diligent, and good husband, because I know he probably did it just to impress Julie!

MaDonna Enkers

Let me show you the ropes…

I met Adam in person on his birthday in 2014, the day of the Patriots/Packers game at Lambeau Field (a game the Packers won in thrilling fashion). It was at the Distillery over a beer before the game and little did we know that a year later, he would learn of his cancer diagnosis.

But that’s not where the story begins. In summer 2012, I was newly married and looking forward to a new life and expanding my family. The possibilities were endless. I stumbled into sports blogging about the Packers for a small website and quickly learned of ALLGBP.com. I reached out to Jersey Al and soon, I was writing regularly for the site. I was green. VERY green. I could write, but it wasn’t crisp or “blog ready”.

Adam stepped in and gave me some pointers on the in’s an out’s of AP writing guidelines and his own suggestions for what makes good content on the site. He embraced my being completely new to the game and also stepped up as one of the senior writers on the site. His pride for what we were doing was evident and I quickly realized that I needed to get my act together to keep up. Shortly after I started writing, we began doing regular podcasts. Adam joined one of the first ones that we did and his unique sense of humor was immediately apparent. It made sense, as his writing style was similar. He had a way with words that told a story, compelled the reader but kept it light. He easily had the biggest following of any writer on our team and when he announced his fight against cancer, we were flooded with those wanting to support and help Adam and his family.

Sports writing has been a dream of mine since childhood. Life took me down another path for my career and source of income, but being a part of the team at ALLGBP.com and CheeseheadTV has been an absolute blast. Adam made me feel welcome and that’s no surprise, knowing him. But that little boost of “let me show you the ropes” jumpstarted what is still my favorite hobby nearly 5 years later.

Edward & Reggie, your Dad might not be here in front of you, but he’s with you all the time in your hearts. Know that he was an incredible guy who loved your Mom and both of you to the ends of the earth. Be proud that you’re a Czech and carry his name. Like I did, you’ll learn that there’s a lot to live up to. And like your Dad did with me, his spirit inside of you will be there to guide and support you!

Jason Perone

Our (Terrible) Sense of Direction

I met Adam when we were in 6th Grade when we went to Mary of Lourdes Middle school together. My first memory of Adam is listening to AC/DC “Thunderstruck” and head banging in the Ms. Zacharda’s band room before school. We quickly bonded over sports, professional wrestling, and music. (Although his musical taste was a little heavier than my own.) We went to school together for the next 7 years.

We were both shyish teenagers and our parents made us go to each others house to hang out just so that we would have some social life. (At least that’s what my parents told me.) We would watch wrestling, play wrestling video games, and most of all watch and talk sports. He was a Packers fan and I was all about the Vikes. But we both enjoyed watching and playing basketball, baseball, and golf. Yes, he was one of my first golf partners in middle school. He was the first person I knew with graphite shafted irons.

I enjoyed spending time with AC. We primarily bonded over sports. I tried to watch one football game a year with him, go to a Twins or wrestling venue, and he was my only friend who actually liked the NBA. We generally watched a finals game together throughout the years. AC would always listen to any issues that I would have and commiserate with me our inability to fix anything. (We are not man’s men.)

My two funny stories are with him both involve cars. Once we were leaving his house going somewhere. I was backing out of his mom and dad’s long driveway in my Ford Probe (a small sports car.) I turned out of the driveway too soon and backed into the ditch. After lots of him laughing and me swearing we realized that my car was stuck on the culvert too. So we had to walk up to his Uncle Jer’s house and he came down with a tractor, tied a rope to my car, and pulled us out of the culvert and ditch. His uncle laughed that neither of us could even tie a knot in the rope.

The other funny story I remember is we were driving around St. Cloud and somehow got very lost heading back to Little Falls. We ended up at some town with a big lake and a church. When we pulled into the church and asked someone where we were we found out we were in Buffalo. He said “oh, I was here last weekend to hang out with my cousin who lives in town here.” I said, “that’s great, I can’t believe you didn’t know where we were when we pulled into town!” We were 30 miles the opposite direction of Little Falls. Then I said, “at least you know how to get home from here.” He said, “I have no idea how to get home, I still don’t know how we got home last weekend.” He had a terrible sense of direction.

He was a great friend, he was always willing to hang out even with no notice. If I ever called him up he would answer, “What up G?”  We would chat and within three days we would hang out over some beers, games, or talking smart. He was a part of one of the most important days of my life when I was with him three hours before we went to the hospital for the birth of our daughter, Claire. I still remember his and Witt’s response when I told them we had the baby. Not printable!!!!!

I will never forget him and how he impacted my life from when we were 12 until 34.

Much Love,


Your Dad’s Legacy

Ed and Reggie,

You had the most incredible father one could ever imagine. It’s a toss up actually to decide if he was a better “husband” or “father”, but it honestly doesn’t matter; he was a great person and I feel privileged to have known him. While I didn’t necessarily get to spend a lot of time with him (because of logistics, having small children, etc.) the time I spent with him was always light-hearted, fun and appreciated.

My hands-down favorite thing about your father was the way he brought out the best in your mother!!!! I met your mom the first week of our freshman year of college. We had a lot in common coming from small family dairy farms, enjoying beer, had the same sense of having fun, being true to our faith, and more.  As years went on we became extremely close and had the pleasure of being roommates through the remainder of college. Many good memories were made and even after college, we remained very close despite living nearly 2 hours apart. She still is and always will be one of my best friends!

But it wasn’t until she met your father that I saw a spark in her that I had never seen before. He made your mom come alive! After he came along, her confidence soared, her worries lessened, and he made her the most happy she had been in the years I had known her. Your mom was spoiled with foot massages, movies, concerts, new restaurants, Packer games, but most importantly, unconditional love. The kind of love not all people get to experience, but only think exists in movies. He reminded her daily how pretty and appreciated she was because “he just wanted to”. He didn’t “have to”, but that was the kind of person he was.

Something I enjoy every time I see the two of you is seeing your dad come out in each of you – in your eyes, the way you walk (on your tip toes!) and  your facial expressions.  God has blessed the two of you and your mother. I hope you find great peace in knowing how special you are and what a great legacy you have.