We’re proceeding with surgery on Jan. 6

December 28, 2015

Adam here checking in with a quick update.

We have decided to go ahead with the surgery on Jan. 6. More info on the surgery can be read here.

Why did we decide on surgery before chemotherapy?

The surgeon and the team at the U of M are really impressive. The surgeon feels that even though my cancer has spread past the colon wall, it’s still relatively confined in one area, making it easier for him to get at and remove as much of it as he can. In his opinion, performing surgery with HIPEC before beginning I.V. chemotherapy is the way to go. 

We agree with him. (We never did discuss the treatment option that included playing Slayer at loud volumes.)

Of course, if the surgeon sees the cancer has spread beyond what appears on my scans, the surgery is off and it’s straight to chemotherapy. I really want this surgery to happen, so prayers and positive thoughts that my cancer has stayed put for the last month, please. The doctor did his best to reassure us (again) that colon cancer of my type typically does not spread too quickly in 1-2 months time. He shared a study with us to back up his point. (He also had an impressive tan from his vacation last week, during which he called my wife to personally talk and answer her questions. He is well rested and ready to perform the best surgery of his career). 

That’s about all for now. I’ll be in the hospital for the Packers first playoff game. The way the Packers have been playing lately, it’s probably a good thing to have doctors nearby while I watch them.

I know I sound like a broken record, but thanks again for all the cards, online well-wishes, positive thoughts, prayers and good vibes sent my way. All of it means a lot. Keep ‘em coming. And while you’re praying for me, include an extra prayer for everyone else going through shit like this. Unfortunately, the hospital is always busy, which means I’m not the only one battling something. Everyone could use an extra prayer or two sent their way.