State wrestling Hilarity

Adam was my Partner In Crime for five years covering the state wrestling tournament for the St. Cloud Times. Anyone familiar with this event knows that it’s a three-day grind, and trying to find humor is not only necessary, but required, to get through it. While watching a match, I heard something I thought I’d never hear (then remembered this is the state wrestling tournament). Upon returning, Adam noticed I had tears in my eyes. “Fenton, are you crying?”

I replied, “indeed I am.”

“What happened?,” he asked.

My response: “So, I’m watching this match when a teenage boy comes down to the front row to find his father, where he promptly and with authority proclaims ‘Mom needs her chew.’ ”

Ahhh, the memories of state wrestling with Adam!

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  1. Fenton (because he called you by your last name in our house):

    Adam’s goal was “to watch as little wrestling as possible” and write a quality report after. His exact words. I believe I shared this with you before:).

    He hated watching and reporting on wrestling, as you knew! He said yes ,and I always knew he would say YES for as long as you asked him to work with you..

    He was a loyal friend to you (and everyone) and wouldn’t leave you hanging at that tournament!

    Thanks for sharing. This memory is great for a laugh!

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