Yell it Loud Packers Fans: KUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Aaron Rodgers

Take that, Chicago Bears. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers celebrates after connecting with Randall Cobb for the winning touchdown.

Since Packers fans at Soldier Field were too nervous to do it during the game, let’s honor Packers fullback John Kuhn right now with the signature yell:


Why are we staring at our computer screens and yelling KUUUUUUHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!? Because without John Kuhn, the Packers probably don’t beat the Bears and win the NFC North for the third season in a row.

Facing 4th and 8 with the season on the line, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hit Randall Cobb for a 48-yard touchdown with 38 seconds to play. Guard T.J. Lang described the pass protection on the play as a “clusterf***”, and he was right.

When rookie left tackle David Bakhtiari didn’t hear Kuhn’s protection adjustment, future Hall of Famer Julius Peppers came unblocked and had Rodgers locked into his sights. Green Bay’s season looked like it was about to end because they forgot to block one of the best pass rushers of the last 10 years.

Then Kuhn dashed over and cut Peppers down at the last minute, allowing Rodgers to roll left, connect with Cobb, and strike the greatest celebration pose of all time (see picture in upper right).

Maybe James Starks or Eddie Lacy is able to make that block, but I doubt it. We’ve seen Rodgers chew out Starks for missing blocking assignments several times and Lacy is still a rookie learning the ins and outs of pass protection.

Kuhn is on the team for his pass blocking and he showed why on that play. Not only did he recognize that Peppers was coming free, but he also made the block. And it was anything but an easy block.

Earlier in the drive, the Packers faced 4th and 1 from their own 22-yard line. Instead of punting, coach Mike McCarthy went for it and Kuhn crashed ahead on the fullback dive, picking up the first down with about 10 inches to spare.

The fullback dive to Kuhn is easily my least favorite play in the Packers playbook. Kuhn isn’t a good runner and when he gets it from the fullback position, he usually doesn’t have enough momentum to surge ahead and pick up the yards he needs. Well, it worked this time and Kuhn deserves a ton of the credit.

I wondered out loud if the Packers should cut Kuhn during training camp. With Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin on the team, did the Packers really need a one-dimensional back like Kuhn? When Kuhn messed up a blocked field goal against the Ravens in week six, the calls for Kuhn’s dismissal got louder.

Thankfully, McCarthy and Ted Thompson ignore us armchair general managers. If the Packers had given up on Kuhn, Green Bay’s season would be over, and instead of yelling KUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!! at our computer screens, we’d be reading 2014 NFL draft previews and trying to figure out which prospect the Packers should select in April.

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  1. Kuhn saved our ass yesterday. Thanks Kuhnnie.

  2. Kuhn’s block was remarkable. The play seemed to start out at twice the normal speed with Peppers flying in. Kuhn zipped over to make the block altering Peppers flight path just enough to provide 12 an escape path. Rodgers reflexes on the play are incredible. I can’t believe how qickly he moved to his left squared himself and launched the ball to Cobb. Then, the ball seemed to float at half normal speed toward the end zone. You can see the packers on the sidelined raising their arms to signal touchdown with ball still only halfway to Cobb. The switch from the speed of the play before the throw, to the slow motion of the ball in flight, to the resumption of speed after the catch probably put a rip in the space time continuum.

    • If you watch the ground-level replay, EDS is signaling TD before Cobb catches the ball, as well.

    • From where Kuhn was lined up it makes the play all the better. Lined up between Lang and Barclay he slide over to pick up Peppers. Bahkitiari let Peppers go to pick up Briggs I believe it was. It was an awesome play that I’ve watched over and over again. That has to be the top play of the 2013 season in the WHOLE NFL. Just like Cobbs return against the Saints in 2011.

  3. And the first guy to meet Cobb in the end zone after the play?

    John Kuhn.

    And that’s after lying on the ground in the backfield after getting clocked by a hard charging defensive end…

    • I think Kuhn got the best of that hit, he even jumped right up and started to head down field to join rejoin the play.Really love that guy he’s tuff as nails!

  4. Fantastic effort by Kuhn! He’s a player that is fun to root for and definitely proved his worth yesterday. Glad that Aaron gave him praise after the game.

  5. Now there’s another reason to call Chicago “Second City”. Go Pack.

  6. Good to have a trusty veteran like Kuhn who had the smarts to see Bakhitiari wasn’t going to stop Peppers. If you watch the play unfold you’ll see Chicago’s Major Wright knock Jordy Nelson down while Nelson is running his route, clearly a penalty the officials missed!

    • Bakhitiari didn’t miss Peppers, he picked up a blitz who would have come untouched. David B did his job, Kuhn, Rodgers, and Kuhn saved the day.

      • oops, Kuhn, Rodgers and Cobb saved the day. Hell the whole offensive line.

      • Actually, what Bak missed was Kuhn’s call to adjust the protection….Bak actually picked up the guy Kuhn would have blocked and Kuhn had Baks back by then picking up Peppers. But is ok go ahead cut the vet FB because he can’t run for a lot of yardage! Happy New Year everyone!

  7. Yeah, I wondered what Kuhn was doing on this team. Unlike a lot of bigger name talent, he does show up to play week-in, week-out. He earned his keep yesterday.

    To make it in these games and at this time of the season you need your studs and veterans to make the plays in the crunch. There are a couple other guys on this team that need to start showing up and making game-changing plays. Guys like Raji, Jones (James and Datone) and Hawk need to start making plays. If more guys started to step-up like Tramon and Shields, we might actually win this crazy thing.

    • Yesterday I actually noticed Williams playing closer to 2010 than I have since he was hurt in 2011. Williams made several key tackles closer to the line than I’ve saw in a long time. hey limited the Bears, who had all day to throw each play it seemed to 226 yards. All and all Shields and Williams did a fine job. It’s our safetys that are hurting this team. Thank God Burnett actually made a play yesterday knocking the ball away in the end zone on the 3rd to last play.

  8. Yesterday’s final drive, including and especially the plays by Kuhn make the case for execution over play calling. On the 1st 4th down play Kuhn with barely adequate blocking would not be denied and gets the 1st down. On the next 4th down play we see a great throw and catch by Rodgers/Nelson, great execution. Imagine the 2nd guessing if Nelson doesn’t make the play. Finally, on the game winner, Kuhn makes a huge heads up play (execution), meanwhile the previous 4th down play to Nelson helped set up this play, as the Bears defenders were expecting the GB receivers to get to the sticks and stop but Cobb keeps going, Rodgers rolls and hits Cobb in stride(execution), Cobb makes the catch (execution), Packers win! Does anyone know or care what the original play call was? NO! Players not plays, execute to win! Thanks, Since ’61

  9. So if Bakhtiari hears the line call, does Kuhn get enough of the player he’s supposed to then pick up?

  10. Players not plays is an expression that’s older than even Ketchman. He has done a good job of keeping it alive, but in reality, it’s just the most succinct way of stating the obvious. Thanks, Since ’61

  11. I hate the fullback dive play. Happy Kuhn made it work. What if he doesn’t? We would be calling for MM’s head. Good job Kuhn… We must win despite the play calling. Now who on defense will knock Kaperdink’s block off?

  12. Can we bring Charles Martin back for just one more game to take out Kaperdoink?

  13. Been out of the country and missed the last 4 games…until this one. Wow. What a treat. I wrote the pack off 8 weeks ago…so now fitting to humbly own up in front of Congrats pack. I missed all news on Matthews and other injured. I’ll await the upcoming report unless someone has the info to share on their status.

    • Packett, most all are ready to go except for Matthews, he broke the same thumb he broke earlier in season and had to have surgery on to repair. Don’t think I’ve heard any word on more surgery but GB has not put him on IR ending his season and opening a roster spot. Hopefully Matthews can get it clubbed and return should the Packers ICE OUT the Niners on Sunday.

  14. Many people also called for Bush to be cut but over the past 4 weeks he stepped up and made some key plays. The Super Bowl was the best, the 15-1 season was great, but this team makes me proud to be a Packer fan. They didn’t quit after suffering the worst (statistically speaking) loss in my memory (going back to the late 60s) as a Packer fan. This was perhaps, the most satisfying division title considering the adversity faced.

    • If you would’ve told me 6 weeks ago that Bush would make more impact plays in the secondary than Davon House down the stretch, I wouldn’t have believed you. Have to feel good for the guy.

      House looked lost in coverage at times last night.

  15. Where is Archie right now, with a quip about what an Ass-clown TT is for keeping Kuhn?…….

    • I hurt his feelings. Many of us have had our negative remarks about TT and MM, myself especially. But at least I try to support what I say with numbers and facts. For example Archie feels this past draft by TT was a bad draft. Personally I think it was his best since 2009. He also thought TT should have drafted Sheldon Richardson who was drafted by the Jets.Problem is he was taken 13th OVERALL and long gone. These are the types of obvious things that make Archie a Ass-Clown. Whatever a Ass-Clown is.

  16. To me he earned his pay on that play alone. He may not be the greatest but he sure fills a roll.

  17. Yesterday more players were making positive plays, and avoiding negative ones. Its got me excited. Quarless, Kuhn, Rodgers, Mulumba, Shields, lacy… on down the list making plus plays when they needed. Taking turns making plus plays. Not always spectacular, but good. Hope they keep it going. One game at a time.

  18. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

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