Packers Jarrett Bush has Managed to Stick Around

Jarrett Bush

Packers CB Jarrett Bush has stuck with the team since 2006.

The pitchforks were out and the torches were lit after the 2009 season. Packers fans wanted cornerback Jarrett Bush off the team.

I admit that I was one of those Packers fans holding a torch high in one hand and a pitchfork in the other. I was sick of seeing Bush stumbling three yards behind a receiver after a double move left him in the dust and led to another touchdown against the Packers.

Ted Thompson has never paid much attention to the pitchfork- and torch-wielding sector of the Packers’ fanbase, and he held true to that philosophy with Bush. Now the undrafted free agent out of Utah St. and claimed by the Packers off waivers from Carolina is one of the longest-tenured Packers, a good special teams player and, dare I say it, somewhat beloved by fans.

I say “somewhat” because if Bush ever ends up playing significantly as a defensive back again, it will probably get ugly and fans will turn on him again. But as long as he remains the blue-collar, hard-working leader of the special teams unit, the love for Bush will only get stronger.

Admit it: When Bush picked off Ben Roethlisberger in the Super Bowl, you slapped yourself and wondered aloud if you just watched Jarrett Bush intercept a pass in the Super Bowl. For the Green Bay Packers. In January of 2011.

That play sticks in my mind to this day. Bush, a player who didn’t even get love from the fanbase of the team he played for, kept plugging away and made an impact when called upon to do so on the biggest stage.

If you were paying attention throughout the 2010 season, you would have noticed Bush making an impact on special teams. On Packers teams not known for their physicality and tackling, Bush goes as hard as anyone on special teams and is never afraid to stick his nose in the middle of the action and attempt to make a tackle.

Ever since Bush has been able to focus on special teams (albeit for one start in the 2012 season opener that didn’t go well), he’s found a place in Green Bay as a veteran and emotional leader.

If Bush makes a big tackle on special teams, he’s fired up and running his mouth. If he finds himself on the field for a defensive snap and makes a routine play, he’s fired up and running his mouth.

Yeah, the latter can be annoying, but it’s who Bush is. Raw emotion helped him stick with the Packers as long as he has and he’s not going to change.

Bush will be the second-longest tenured Packer behind Aaron Rodgers once the 2013 season starts. There’s a chance rookie Micah Hyde and a deep defensive backfield could lead to Bush’s exit in final training camp cutdowns, but I’m not betting against Bush.

Then again, maybe I should. We all bet against him before and he turned into a useful player.

8 Comments On “Packers Jarrett Bush has Managed to Stick Around”

  1. Knocking Bush off SPTs would be like ED-S bumping Goode from the long snapper role.

  2. Bush doesn’t “(go) as hard as anyone on special teams”….

    Bush goes HAAM on special teams!

  3. The best part about Bush’s INT in the Super Bowl is that he more than likely blew his coverage.

    I like JB, just hope he never has to play corner.

    • It wasn’t a blown coverage. He recognized the formation and based on film study knew Roethlesberger would throw were he did. He purposely dropped his coverage and made play, like Woodson did on many occasions. Give Bush credit for MAKING a play happen.

      • I get that, but after watching film of the Super Bowl Bush had to be thanking his god that Ben wasn’t looking for Shuler.

  4. “Micah Hyde and a deep defensive backfield could lead to Bush’s exit in final training camp cutdowns, but I’m not betting against Bush.”

    – maybe in 2014 but not this year. BUSH is ST Captain, leader, mentor.

  5. As long as #24 never has to cover another receiver 1 on 1, I will sing his praises from the mountaintops. A very special special teamer, but DB not so much.

  6. You say the SB interception sticks in your mind. How about the TD pass he gave up in the SB, being 4 yards behind the WR? If he just plays ST’s that’s fine. But he should NEVER see the field otherwise.

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