Packers Stock Report: Oh $#!%, Aaron Rodgers is Hurt Edition

It hurts just looking at this photo. Avert your eyes. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is injured.

OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is hurt.

Now what?

Can Seneca Wallace keep the Packers alive until (if?) Rodgers returns?

Should the Packers call Favre?

Should the Packers call Flynn?

Where’s Graham Harrell when you need him?

What the hell happened to the defense on Monday?

Did the Rodgers injury somehow cause the Packers to forget how to tackle and pass protect?

What is a Shea McClellin and why did it do that to our quarterback?

The Bears still suck. Ok, that made me feel a little bit better.

Oh damn, I just remembered that Rodgers is hurt. OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod.

Now I’m starting to panic. How can I snap out of this?

Maybe writing the Packers stock report will help. Let’s see.

On to the stock report:


Eddie Lacy
I totally forgot how awesome it is when your favorite football team has a running back that just trucks people over. Getting excited about long pass plays is awesome and everything, but there’s something about the feeling you get when a stud running back starts plowing over defenders and ripping off large chunks of yards. It makes you want to tear off your shirt and start posing like Hulk Hogan. Ok, maybe it’s just me who wants to do that every time Lacy runs someone over…

B.J. Raji
It’s been a solid run for Raji the last three games. He sniffed out a couple of screen passes against the Bears and has done an excellent job of making plays at the point of attack. Big, nimble and smart. That’s been Raji over this recent stretch of games.

Brett Favre
Wait a minute. What’s he doing on this report?


James Starks
Did Starks install a turbo button on his back when he was out? Seriously, I don’t remember him being nearly this fast. He’s firing through holes like he’s been shot out of a high-caliber rifle from a deer hunter perched high up in a tree in the woods of Mondovi, Wis.

Tim Mashthay
Punts from Masthay kept pinning the Bears deep on Monday night. Too bad the Packers defense didn’t follow through and force a turnover or make a stand late in the game.


Dom Capers
What the hell was that, Dom? I try to avoid putting coaches on the falling list because I find people who constantly yell about playcalling to be nauseating, but the defensive calls on Monday night were atrocious. Josh McCown is a backup quarterback. Blitz him, Dom. Rough him up. Put some heat on him. Don’t treat him like he’s the second-coming of Tom Brady.

Casey Hayward
It’s been a lost season so far for Hayward. He’s missed most of training camp and the first six games. He also missed a tackle late in the game on Monday that gave the Bears an opportunity to pick up the first down on fourth-and-1 and break the Packers hopes of pulling out a win.

Seneca Wallace
I knew it would be bad. Did I think it would be that bad? Yeah. Yeah, I did think it would be that bad.

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  1. Adam – back away from the edge – all is not lost. Wait, Aaron Rodgers is lost OMG, OMG….

    When AR went out, most of the playbook and game plan went out with it. The fact that Seneca (who names their kid Seneca?) Wallace was as rusty as my three-wheeler didn’t help. With some reps he will be better. He shouldn’t be worse than McCowan – I hope.

    As for Capers, yes he missed a ton of tackles and yes he failed to get to the QB. The Packers blitzed a lot and didn’t get through a much improved Chicago OLine. With Perry and Matthews eating hotdogs, we don’t have much pass rush horsepower. Don’t blame Capers for losing the battle of the trench and failed tackles. He has been working with a soft secondary since Nick Collins went down and Woodson left.

    I think that we saw a team, particularly on defense, that believed the hype of a 4 game win streak against flailing teams. The player need to execute better and the defense will need to step up and lead this team – just like the 2010 Super Bowl defense.

    • Agree with you except for the flailing part. If the four previous teams were flailing, then so were da Bears. Those 4 defensive wins weren’t hype, they actually did happen.

  2. Some Early reports that are surfacing have Rodgers ranging somewhere between out 3 weeks with a hairline fracture in his collar bone, to it doesn’t look good and possible season ending. The MRI will define the problem and we will no today. Three weeks PLEASE!

  3. Every time I heard the name ‘Seneca’ being spoken, I felt like someone was ordering a cup of weak English tea.

    Can I get you something…”No Thanks, this ‘Seneca’ will do just fine.”

  4. In defense of the defense….Chicago has a very good offense, a much improved oline, big good receivers, & a very good RB,in adition, I don’t think Cutler could have played any better than McKowan did. with AR not in the game Chicago had the ball enough to wear down our defense in the end. However does anyone not believe that with AR the Packers would have rang up 40+ points? Chicago’s defense is poor. Wallace’s lack of arm strength is a concern. I just can’t believe how long it too for passes outside the hash marks to get to receivers. If we could win 2 of the next 3 games with him I would proclaim MM a genius!

    • I agree with you on Seneca’s arm strength – I was at the game and on that throw to Boykin (a nice completion) it was like the ball was moving in slow motion. I know we have been spoiled with 21 years of Favre/Rodgers throwing bullets – but wow! It was cool to really see the trajectory of the ball, but I was waiting for a Bear to come streaking in an pick the pass off.

  5. What the hell possessed them to hire Seneca in the first place. He sucks bad. I don’t give a crap how few reps he had in practice, he doesn’t have it. Please let him go.

    • And all of the rookies looked like rookies in the preseason…should have let them all go!

      One game and throw Seneca under the bus?! Makes a lot of sense [NOT!].

  6. Seneca Wallace is what he is. I feel better about him in there than Coleman or Harrell. Vince Young? Who knows.

    Falling? I think Newhouse has played himself off the roster. He looked lost in pass protection on the right side last night (and Barclay looked lost inside). If Lang can’t go against the Eagles, they’ve got to plug in Lane Taylor and put Barclay back outside.

    • Part of why Seneca Wallace looked so bad is because he seemed to have no pocket to step into most of the time.

    • Dobber, you took the words out of my mouth. Release Newhouse…What is the status of Sherrod?…Lane Taylor should have been inserted at RG and leave Barclay alone. He was doing just fine.

      In any event, Seneca Wallace, bless him. He looked clueless…

      Someone mentioned early in the year, that without AR we would be in trouble. He was right….Coleman, Harrell, and Vince Young all looked far superior to Seneca Wallace.

      The Bears defense is mediocre without Melton and Lance Briggs and a rookie replacing Urlacher. Scoring only 20 points is a disgrace against the Bears Defense.

      • We come back to VY…and this is why I had no problem with him sticking as he’s a born improviser and he throws the ball downfield.

        Maybe he’s dumb as a board, some have said his attitude was bad and his legs were “gone” (in which case he DID need to go), but a guy with his skill set has the best opportunity to win in spot situations. The lack of practice reps isn’t going to hurt him nearly as much.

      • Wallace was OUT of football last year and has been mostly a career backup on really bad teams. Why is anyone surprised he sucks!!!! There’s a reason why he wasn’t on a NFL roster last year, you saw last night! As much as I like what Ted has done, he’s been playing around with the backup QB for 25 games now. He finally got burned!

  7. CHI had the much better 33 yo back-up QB on the field. That was THE difference in this game.

    Wallace has lost much of his mobility. I do not expect him to play much better the rest of the way.

    The other big difference was our short, tiny CBs vs their monster WRs/TE. TW is now worthless. Shields is not worth $12MM/yr. Cut your losses and go for bigger CBs or spend next 5 years losing jump balls to Bears, megatron and Cordarrelle Patterson.

    • Their 33-yo backup has had 2+ weeks (including a bye) to prep knowing he was going to play.

      • Dobber– that 33-yo backup came in OFF THE BENCH when Cutler got injured in their last game and played just as good as he did against the Packers. Admit it… Seneca Wallace ain’t no Josh McCown. And that’s on Thompson.

        • McCown chucked up 41 att’s and only managed to complete half of them. If you extrapolate Wallace’s numbers to 41 att, they end up being pretty similar. McCown was no Dan Marino out there, but what he DID do was find receivers running wide open in key spots.

          That’s not on TT, that’s on a defense that couldn’t get to the passer effectively enough to protect its DBs coverage, and on DBs that were struggling to cover.

          The play-calling became ridiculously conservative once AR went out. Understandable, and the running game almost bailed out MM, but you’ve got to at least try to throw the ball downfield from time to time. Seneca Wallace chucked 19 atts last night. When was the last time a Packers team threw for 21 total attempts in a game?

          More and more I get flustered with what appears to be a coaching staff that struggles with in-game adjustments.

          “Seneca Wallace ain’t no Josh McCown. And that’s on Thompson.”


    • Have you ever wondered why CB’s are short and WR’s are tall? WR’s can afford to be tall, they don’t have to b nimble or quick. CB’s have to be nimble and quick, able to turn around and react…this almost always only comes in a small package. The few that are tall and quick are the exception rather than the rule [read: “rare”].

    • Tramon Williams cannot guard any number one receivers by himself. Marshall is half-a-foot taller than him, much bigger, and obviously stronger. He does his best, but, that is a fact.

      It was a depressing game in many ways. What is the status of Lang, Mulumba, and Barrington? Fortunately, it only counts for one loss.

      Someone please convince me…Seneca Wallace is the best back-up QB we could find? Can he thow an out pattern (a rhetorical question:No)? Can he throw the ball further than twenty yards? He has to go. No arm and at 5’10” getting passes batted down by Julius Peppers elbows and forearms…Who in god’s name decided on him?

      • What amazes me was that Williams was playing at lease 12 yards off. As soon as Marshall released off the line Williams began to back up. It was pitch and catch all night long. So let me ask you, who’s fault is that? Capers defense or Williams. I noticed all the other corners playing closer to the line. Man I miss the days of Woodson and Harris, in receivers facing battling them for every yard earned. Neal shouldn’t be resigned and what the hell was all this talk about how Datone Jones was a perfect fit. He doesn’t get close to the QB. He gets a pass because he’s a rookie but DAMN, I really hope this guy pans out better than Harrell ans Neal, Thompson’s other higher DL draft picks. When most teams blitz, they overload one side. Why doesn’t Capers try more of that instead of running guys right in the middle of the line. Lots of blame to go around. I still think if Flynn went unclaimed it’s not a question of if, for the Packers, it’s a question of how fast they can get him here. Now is not the time for Ted to stick to his guns with his choice of Wallace. Pick up the phone, buy him a first class one way ticket, and say thank you Matt!

        • “I still think if Flynn went unclaimed it’s not a question of if, for the Packers, it’s a question of how fast they can get him here.”

          True dat.

  8. I would add Hawk to the falling list. He is such a liability in pass coverage.

    • Hawk is what he is: relatively solid against the run (at least average, and one week in which he was excellent) and absolutely abysmal versus the pass. Wasn’t it the past couple of weeks most were saying this was his best season?

      My thought is that it was a team effort. Chicago has the best O-Line in the NFC North and three stud receivers, including Bennett, who make our DB’s look like ants…Also, their QB was prepared and made several key plays. I hate the Bears, but, let’s give them credit. Once they knocked-out AR, they pinned their ears back and overall kicked our ass.

      • Hawk was BRUTAL last night, just brutal. Had a chance to make a big stop on the 4th and 1 play and failed. He never makes the big play (other than his inexplicably great performance against the Ravens earlier this year).

        Would love to see Lattimore get some of Hawk’s playing time.

        • You’re right, Hawk looked bad. He reverted back to playing like he had the last few years. He did not attack the ball in the hole but hung back and let the plays come to him, then got juked put in the open field and missed the tackle.

          • Let’s all take a deep breath…I just looked out the 2nd floor window of my bedroom, and guess what?…The sky, I swear to you all, is not falling. It is still there.

            Secondly, for the umpty-ninth or more time, Hawk is what he is…Average and sometimes pretty decent against the run, and against the pass,…well, let’s just say he is the same he has always been: slow and below average, at best. But, come on, this game should not be placed on any one person’s back. The Bears O-Line, has gone from woeful, to the best in the division. Who are these guys, outside of their center and Bushrod (All-Pro LT)? Very solid and kept their QB very well-protected all game. It appeared our defense was just worn-out by the 4th quarter…and that last drive was depressing for any Packers fan who had the stomach to watch it.

            Let’s face it. The Bears have dramatically overhauled their O-Line successfully in one year! Not three or four years like other teams I follow. Also, their top two receivers and TE compared to us right now is looking pretty damn good if you’re a Bears fan…

            In the next draft, please God, have the Packers draft a tall, strong, athletic receiver who can catch and run, and not from ‘Johnny Law’. Secondly, please deliver us a Safety who intimidates people and can cover and tackle! Lastly, please give us a TE to replace Finley and who reminds everyone of Whitten, Gronkowski or Tony Gonzalez,and not the inconsistency of the soon to be departed. I hope I’m not asking too much. I promise I’ll start going to mass more than just for funerals and weddings. Amen.

  9. If ARod is out for more than 3 weeks we’re done. We have to go 2-1 in those 3 weeks AND beat the Lions and Bears in their houses to win the division.

    The Defense has to play better.

    • I was dismayed by the inability of the Packers to prevent the Bears from converting 3rd and long (7+) last night. It seemed that every time the Packers forced those situations, McCown found a receiver running free 10+ yards downfield.

      Gruden and Tirico kept talking about how clean the game was, but it seemed to me that the officials just decided to keep their hankies in their pockets. Plenty of uncalled holding penalties last night…both ways.

  10. Schedules over next 4 weeks:
    GB: vs. Phi; @NYG; vs Min; @ Det
    Det: @Chi; @Pit; vs TB; vs GB
    Chi: vs Det; vs Bal; @SL; @Min

    I’m somewhat of a homer, I admit, but if the Packers can stop the run and rush the passer a little, I think they can brush up Seneca Wallace to the point where they CAN go 2-1 over the next 3. They’re going to have to be almost flawless.

    We need to be pulling for the Lions on Sunday. The Packers already have head-to-head on them, and keeping Chicago (who now has HTH on the Packers) in the rearview is now very important.

    • I agree, and I think the Packers can win those 3 games. My feelings is Rodgers has to be ready to go by the Lions game. They need Matthews and Perry back NOW, this week against the Eagles. I this weeks game I’d consider playing more Lattimore and Jones. The Eagles will get the Packers caught in their base defense, and have no chance to sub players. Against McCoy that will be key. I’d also try to put Lattimore or a corner on McCoy. He’s so damn fast. Pass rush is key this week.

  11. Way too early to measure Wallace’s stock. No TC mainly scout team reps it was never going to be pretty. He said so himself. For a career back up his record is OK so hopefully he improves. The D has been decent but with Matthews and Perry still hurt may not be able to win games on it’s own. Time will tell…

    • His starts come mostly with mediocre (at best) teams. His career numbers that point to decision making (completion % and Td/Int) aren’t bad. He’s going to have to make his living throwing in the middle of the field at this point, which isn’t ideal. That, and the fact that I’m taller than he is, means that they’ve got to keep rushers out of his face…and they couldn’t do that last night in the second half.

  12. More likely – Pack is 5-6 going into DET on Turkey Day with a rusty but healthy AR, if we are very lucky. Optimistic scenario is for Pack to win final 5 under Rodgers = 10-6. That MAY be good enough for WC.

  13. This loss could be attributed to three other things besides the direct loss of AA.
    1. Defense was on the field too long and tired out, giving the Bears too many opportunities on offense.
    2. Bears o-line was awesome, really protected the QB, something Cutler never had against the Pack before [hence his many meltdowns].
    3. A crew of giant receivers.

    #1 can be remedied or at least improved by Seneca getting some much needed reps in practice.

    #2 Is NOT Capers fault. The only thing that could get through that line is some stronger horses, and they have been sidelined with injuries.

    #3 is remedied by #2, get to the QB quicker, force him to panic.

    • #1….The defense was tired from not stopping them an third and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15…which results in many opps etc.

      #2..Stronger horses…you mean horse as in one because a play every 4th game from the others isn’t enough.

  14. And even that scenario would lead to an opening round play-off game on the road at SF. Looks like no SB this year. All it took was one play to go from the top of the world to the bottom. Not sure why anyone is a football fan when this is what you open yourself up to.

  15. AR’s injury was inevitable and foreseeable, but nothing was done during the offseason to make it less likely or to mitigate the severity of the possible loss of our franchise QB by having a competent back-up. Unlike the Bears, who do have a competent back-up, little was done to strengthen the OL. The Bears revamped their OL from last year and its improvement was quite noticeable, especially during the 4th quarter when they dominated our defense.

    The season is lost due to the lack of planning by Ted Thompson. He has been our GM since 2005. I give him a great amount of credit for taking that team and turning it into a Super Bowl Champion. One cannot rest on one’s laurels in the NFL, though. The team is in decline now. The causes: lack of planning for the inevitable injuries; some disappointingly poor draft picks; and a stubborn refusal to fill positions of weakness with free agents. Perhaps it is time for TT to go. The buck truly does stop at the top.

    • “Perhaps it is time for TT to go. The buck truly does stop at the top.”

      Why is it that people seem to believe that change means things must automatically get better?

      • Because we got finally got rid of Harrell and it massively improved our back-up QB situation!!!

        Oh, wait…

        • Releasing Graham Harrell, who was one of the worst back-ups in the NFL, opened the door for TT to fill the position with someone competent. He didn’t. Harrell was subsequently signed by the Jets who then released him after signing Brady Quinn as a back-up. TT missed out on Quinn. In April, before he released Harrell, TT could have traded for Colt McCoy, whom the Browns traded along with a 6th round draft pick to the 49ers for 5th and 7th round picks. I guess TT was not willing to match or top that price. Too bad.

          • I thought MM could have turned McCoy into a decent backup

          • Have you seen McCoy or Quinn play recently? Just cuz you’ve heard the name before doesn’t mean that he’s any good whatsoever! I fail to see how either of them is in any way better than Wallace. McCarthy will do with Wallace what he did w/ Flynn. Remember the game Flynn replaced Rodgers? He looked terrible! The next week against NE he looked like an NFL QB. Lets see how Wallace looks this week before deciding that either McCoy or Quinn is in any way better than Wallace!

          • So what makes everyone think that the Packers will be able to find a “competent” GM if they let TT go? Or a “competent” head coach if they let MM go?

            Just because you get rid of one thing, it doesn’t mean the next thing will be better.

            That’s the point Dobber and I were making.

          • Sometimes it is best for organizations to “shake things up” with a change at the top. That most often happens when top management is perceived as stagnant, unresponsive, inflexible, committed to one way (their way) of doing things, and the organization appears to be on a downward slope under their leadership. For example, last year the Bears fired Head Coach Lovie Smith, even though the team went 10-6 and just missed making the playoffs. Under new coach Marc Trestman, the Bears’ record this year may not be as good, but one can’t say that the Bears under Trestman and 2nd year GM, Phil Emery, haven’t changed the team’s management approach, or that they are stagnant or inflexible. Living in the Chicago area, I know that the head coaching change is viewed positively even though the Bears’ record may not improve.

            In a recent poll of NFL GMs, Aaron Rodgers was picked as the one player GMs would most want to build a franchise around (Andrew Luck was 2nd). At 29, AR is in his prime with, perhaps, 5-6 years of peak performance left to his career. TT was certainly blessed when AR slipped down to him as the 24th pick in the 2005 draft. TT’s “draft and develop” approach, generally avoiding free agency, worked to produce one SB Championship in 2010. But now the team is in an apparent decline. The recurring problems with the OL have not been solved. What was once the best receiving corps in the NFL is now, at best, mediocre. The defense is plagued with holes that don’t get plugged. There’s a lack of adequate back-ups to key positions. It is a shame to see the team deteriorate around the best QB in the NFL. It is time to find a GM who is flexible enough to build a franchise around him. Change is good. It brings hope.

          • Chad, your comment reminds me of what my Dad would say, whenever I jettisoned an old girl friend for a new one…

            “The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence…It’s brown on both sides…”

      • Because the grass is greener on the other side?

    • ‘Outis’…C’mon, man! Stop being so negative. I read the paper this morning, and guess what? The loss to the Bears made the Packers 5-3, not 5-11.

      The Bears are tough…and certainly a lot tougher without us having the semblance of a passing game, once AR went down-and-out. I must disagree, at least partially, with a number of your premises:
      1. The team is in decline now
      2. An utter Lack of planning
      3. Some disappointingly, poor draft picks
      4. Refusal to fill positions with free agents

      Let me take them in order…

      1. I do not believe the team is in decline, but, just the opposite. Our O-Line has improved from last year with the addition of Bakhtiari at LT, the continued improvement of EDS, and DB (Barclay), and the addition of Lane Taylor (depth). Also, I see where Sherrod was just activated. Let’s hope he can finally contribute. Secondly, JJ coming back and the development of Mike Daniels and addition of Datone Jones and Josh Boyd (depth) has improved our D-Line. The development of Hayward, House, Hyde, and Shields has improved our secondary. The development of Lattimore, Palmer, and Barrington (just placed on IR) looks good for the future of our linebacking corps.

      2. Lack of planning? Are you serious? All TT does is plan ahead for the future. Is he perfect? No, but, neither am I and I bet you aren’t either. We all have questioned some moves in the past year, and now especially, how in John Wayne’s a** did he and MM decide on a short back-up QB with an arm like a high schooler? Also, not drafting a safety surprised many of us as this year was a draft deep in Safeties. But, he’s made many other great moves…UDFAs Banjo, White, Stoneburner, Mulumba, especially the latter, who are all contributing. Lastly, concerning planning, staying within the salary cap, tieing-up key players CM, AR, and MB (Burnett) to lengthy extensions. Avoiding overpaying players past their prime: C Woodson, and arguably, Jennings. Not signing FAs to absurdly large contracts, when the majority of FAs don’t seem to pan-out for other teams (remember Albert Haynesworth and the Redskins?).

      3. Some disappointing poor draft picks…Well, what team do you know of, that has hit 100% on all their draft picks in the past five years? Three years? My friend, the answer is none. It is a fact that TT has picked some stinkers, notably Justin Harrell and I am sure there are others we’re all still scratching our heads over trying to forget. However, he has picked-up some gems. How about AR nine years ago at the bottom of the 1st round? Then, allowing him to be in training to follow Brett? Was that beautiful, or what? Micah Hyde in the 5th round this year…Lacy near the end of the 2nd round. Bakhtiari in the 4th round. Nick Collins…Clay Matthews…James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and I could go on and on.
      My point is, he is not perfect, but, he has been superior to all but a very few GMs in the NFL over the past nine seasons.

      4. Refusal to fill positions (of need) with free agents. What about Charles Woodson and Ryan Pickett? Oh, I guess we don’t count those…He is very selective when signing FAs, that is true. He is not a year-in, year-out signer of big-name, big contract FAs. Remember last year when he signed a number of FA defensive linemen? The only one who stuck was Merling, and that was for four regular season games until Neal came back from suspension. For the most part, signing FAs is a smaller part of TT’s long-term strategy than several other teams, notably the Cowboys and Washington…Neither has done well with the majority of their big salary FA signings. So, I would argue, briefly, that TT’s strategy avoids screwing with the salary cap and messing with team chemistry because of signing large FA contracts.

      In any event, I know you’re a loyal Packers fan. AR will be back in 3-4 weeks it appears. All is not lost. This may actually be a wake-up call to TT and MM to actually develop or trade for a back-up QB who can do something more than hold a clipboard. So, be steadfast, eat your Wheaties, and do not allow yourself to get overly despondent about one loss. Even if it is to the Bears when we’re favored by eleven points…

      • Robert Patreus…Agree with you on all of your points, at least partially.

        It is true, that almost every year we hope and pray that TT is going to sign some big-name FA. It is no more than wishful thinking. Like you state, he did sign Pickett and Woodson, as two have performed admirably.
        As far as draft choices, for some reason, he has done far-and-away much better with UDFA and late round picks than most of his first round selections. AR and CM are the two main exceptions. But, compared to other teams, I personally think TT has been in the top five since he took over. He certainly has had his share of duds in rounds one through four, but, who hasn’t?
        As far as planning ahead, I guess most of us would roundly criticize TT and MM for not selecting a safety in the first four rounds this year. This clearly is a position of weakness with both Jennings and McMillan not showing much for the past two seasons. Banjo, though, may be the one who sticks.

        I also strongly believe that having Seneca Wallace as the 2nd string QB has proven to be a big mistake in judgment.
        They need to have a 2nd string QB who can play…and that means pass down field.

        In any event, I have not given-up on the season. The next five games obviously are crucial. A simple question:
        Why did MM insert Newhouse in place of Barclay at RT and move Barclay to RG? Lane Taylor to RG made by far the most sense. That move was a disaster, and I believe it is apparent Newhouse needs to be released. He is a terrible OT on either side. Cut your losses and if necessary, this week, see if Sherrod is ready to contribute. After all, he has had nearly two full years to rehab from his horrific leg injury. I, for one, am pulling for him.

  16. GB has a fine run game and when Rogers has a run game, he wins. The current goal is to make the playoffs no matter what the seeding is. Williams and the safety play next to Burnett is a problem. I say let Shields and House settle in a outside CB and bench Williams. Newhouse has lost his confidence and should not see the field again.

    • 38 is starting to look like 21 did at the end. Lots of holding and ‘tricks’ to keep himself competitive with the younger guys. It gets on the tape and then the zebras call it at the worst possible times.

    • James David, they say great minds think alike…Newhouse, now that Sherrod has been activated is expendable, if you know what I mean…and Tramon Williams, someone else commented about him playing 12 yards off the line from Marshall…he has got to go after this year. His skills have diminished drastically since 2010. John Gruden commented during the game that Williams did not have an interception in 21 consecutive games…Then why does he have the largest contract of any of our DBs when he appears to be the weak link?
      He has got to go after this season…

  17. Bring in Favre so he can carry team and redeem himself. He is in great shape.

    • I read that they have already reached out to him. No doubt he would give us the best chance to win.

      • Both of you need to let this go…you’ve already let go of your senses…sheesh!

      • If signed, I wonder whether Favre would be able to remember the plays. He has reported having problems with his memory. I guess that’s understandable, given that he was sacked 525 times during his career. A 44 year-old Favre with no memory is probably an improvement over Seneca Wallace, though.

    • I don’t know why you are all jumping on poor MB. I think the story line on that would be hilarious. If Favre would be willing to be back up, hell, there are a lot worse choices. Outis, he may not know where he left the car keys or what he had for dinner last night, but I bet the one thing Favre would remember is how to throw a bullet to the open guy. That’s two things Wallace couldn’t do Monday.

  18. Last time Rodgers got hurt and missed a game he came back pissed. If I remember correctly it got him a ring.

  19. Time to start Derrick Sherrod at RT.

    • Is he ready??? Is he an improvement???

      TT needs to bring up Tolzien or bring in another QB. Since he won’t put AR on IR, TT will have to release one player. If he reinstates Sherrod another player will need to go…who do you propose he jettisons esp w/ all the other injuries he’s dealing with?

      • BubbaOne…Let’s see…I read where both Finley and Barrington were placed on IR and Sherrod was activated. Opening another spot (for a QB). Haven’t heard whether Tolzien was activated or not…

  20. TT & MM rolled the dice by releasing
    Harrell, Coleman, and Young. Last night
    came up snake eyes with Rogers injury.
    Wallace and Tolzien…YIKES!

    The difference makers were in the stands. The three bear fans with the
    cheese grater hats…our D was shredded!

    Special teams were SPECIAL!!!

    I hate to say this, but I turned off
    the TV with 9:30 left in the 4th…I
    knew we were toast. 🙁

  21. All of us were glad to see Harrell go. Wallace was available at a price TT was willing to pay.

    Remember how long it took for TT to realize he had to draft a TRUE RB? Now GB has three RBs…Lacy, Starks and Franklin…who have been successful on the field this season.

    TT will have to draft a QB next season with the intent of MM grooming him to replace AR. Drafting Coleman in round seven didn’t work. TT might have to spend as much as a second round pick for a good QB.

    Some reports, and talking heads, are saying Flynn should be brought in. Now, reports are circulating Flynn is dealing with an arm injury of some sort. It doesn’t look like GB is interested in Flynn.

    • Seems like TT is always “a day late and a dollar short.” He needed competent running backs last year, so he drafts them this year. He needs a competent back-up QB this year, so he’ll draft or get one next year. He could have traded for Colt McCoy but was unwilling to pay the price. The secondary? Are there any low draft picks or undrafted free agents, who can be signed “on the cheap,” who haven’t tried out for the team? The OL? Well, that’s been a festering problem for years now. I wonder whether that ever will be fixed.

  22. We can probably assume that Rodgers will not be back until after Thanksgiving. If we play Seneca over the next 4 games are only realistic shot at a victory is the home game against the Vikings. We may have a shot against the Eagles but the defense really needs to show up. BTW, this injury with Matthews is ridiculous already. Wrap up his thumb and get him out there. If Jerry Kramer can play offensive guard with broken ribs then Matthews can play defense with a wrapped up thumb. If we can win 2 of the next 4 and AR is back for the final 4 games we can still go 11-5. Hopefully, no one else gets hurt in the meantime. As for a QB we can pick up there is Flynn, Favre, Bart Starr, Zeke Bratkowski, Lynn Dickey, Scott Hunter, Del Gaizo, David Whitehurst, Majik, and of course Jerry Tagge. Any of the above can out play Seneca. LOL. One game at a time. Thanks, Since ’61

  23. With Rodgers out, it should be interesting to see all the other talent amassed by TT shine through.

    • What talent? Do you have anyone in mind?

      • Although I can’t speak for SDPackfan, I for one would like to see John Jolly “shine through” as our back-up QB. That would be a sight to behold. It would rival those days when William “the Refrigerator” Perry lined-up in the Bears backfield.

  24. Time for the wildcat? Man i wish Cobb was healthy, it might be a legit possibility in that case

  25. Its an interesting point bubba one brings up. We’re going to have to jettison two players in order to get Sherrod (or another o-lineman) on the roster, and a back-up to our back-up qb. Is it time to put Finley on the shelf?

  26. Finley and Barrington will go on IR. Thanks, Since ’61

  27. Newhouse is terrible. The Packers should have kept Vince Young as a back up. He was the only guy in the preseason that moved the offense effectivly. He was a winning record as a starter, and has plenty of experience. Out of all the QB that TT brought in, VY had the arm strength to stretch the field in addition to his running ability. TT you blew this one. I hate to say it but we will be lucky to win 2 out if our next 5 with Wallace as QB.

  28. Hey Since ’61, thanks for the flashback of some really bad packer qbs, what an image. Scott Hunter could execute the hand-off with the best of them. Might as well throw TJ Rubley in there. We’ve had a few clunkers mixed in over time havent we? I’m feeling queezy going down the list. Things have to get better right? Wallace couldn’t possibly get worse,…. could he?

  29. Tim – I forgot TJ Rubley and also John Hadl, as pointed out by Jerry. On a positive note, I just noticed on that Rodgers will be week to week?! This is probably a ploy to keep the Eagles unsure how to prepare but who knows? I could see Favre trying to play through this injury, maybe AR will. As for “iron hands Hunter” I wonder what became of him? Everyone keep the faith, we have been through worse times (the 70’s and 80’s). Thanks, Since ’61

  30. I think Barclay should be listed on the “falling” list.

  31. A_Lerxst_in_Packerland

    Adam – “makes you want to tear off your shirt and start posing like Hulk Hogan. Ok, maybe it’s just me who wants to do that every time Lacy runs someone over…”

    That’s the best description I’ve read of how I feel when Eddie Lacy is bowling defenders over or dragging them along…

  32. If ARod isn’t back by Det and we don’t go at least 1-2 in the next 3, we’re not getting into the playoffs. 3rd place finish is on the horizon… ugh…

    We have to beat DET and CHI at their places and play .500 ball in the other games to get the 3 seed… Which still probably brings DET or CAR to Lambeau in the WC game… followed by a trip to NO or SEA or SF…

    Ugh.. All around.

    I was thinking with a win last night and the team getting healthier that the #1 seed was in sight. No more.

    Barring a minor miracle, we are screwed.

  33. I think the pack will tailor game plans to what Wallace can do for them, rollouts, misdirection, deception…plus what Lacy, Starks, Franklin and run game bring. Boy, I wish cobb and finley were healthy, they would help Wallace a lot. Is Wallace able to stretch the field? He doesn’t look like he can throw with any authority. The packers offense might look a lot like the bears offense under lovie smith. Ball control to the extreme at best, three and outs in the face of a defense bunched up at the line at worst. We Need a tight end to come to the rescue, and good blocking more than ever. Might be hard to watch.

  34. I was in crisis mode all the way through the game, just hoping to see Rodgers back on the field. But didn’t expect street clothes.
    As the game went on, I had an idea. McCarthy should give the ball to Lacy, every down like the Vikings did with Tarvaris Jackson & Adrian Peterson in 2007.
    Over all, I think we will be ok for 3 games. Eagles, Giants and Vikings. 2 are home games, and the Giants are 2-6 then we have the Lions. Hopefully we will have him back by then.

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