Packers Stock Report: Day-by-day edition

Sunday was a good day. Check that,Sunday was a great day.

I got to watch the Packers with my wife and two children. It was 4-month-old Baby Reggie’s first Packers game (yep,that’s Reggie in the picture. He gets his cuteness from his mother),and he got to see the Packers win in a nail-biter. Almost 3-year-old Big Brother Edward even awoke from his nap just in time to give the Packers a motivational “Go Pack Go!” on the game’s decisive final drive.

Watching the Packers with my family has always been a big deal,but it was an even bigger deal on Sunday. I had a massive surgery in New York to remove all visible cancer from my body on July 29. In addition to the cancer,the surgeons also removed 70 percent of my colon,my spleen,appendix,gall bladder,a sliver of my liver (that’d be a catchy song title) and some of my bladder.

After that was all done,I had chemotherapy pumped directly into my abdomen through a port for three consecutive days. That port remained in my abdomen and became infected,which has landed me in the hospital twice over the last two weeks. This is in addition to all the other challenges and complications that make recovery from this surgery so challenging.

I’m trying to abide by the old cliché and take things day by day as I continue to work at finally turning the corner in my recovery. On Sunday,that meant watching the Packers with my family. And it made me happy. Very happy.

But enough about me and my various ailments. Let’s get to the Packers Stock Report:


Aaron Rodgers
It wasn’t the best – or most consistent – game for Rodgers,but how can you leave him off the rising list after that throw he made to Davante Adams at the end of the first half? Unbelievable.

Damarious Randall
Randall showed no signs of a sophomore slump on Sunday. Whenever Blake Bortles threw to Randall’s receiver,the second-year corner was there to contest the pass. On the game’s decisive final play,Randall blew up a bubble screen pass and held tight until teammates arrived to finish off the tackle and secure the Packers win.

The only questionable move made by Randall on Sunday was his decision to wear long sleeves in the 100-degree heat.

Clay Matthews
I liked that the Packers didn’t use Matthews exclusively outside. Yes,rushing from the edge was his primary duty,but Dom Capers still moved Matthews around enough to take advantage of his playmaking skills. Matthews’ versatility,and Capers willingness to move him around every now and then,resulted in several impactful plays from the Jeff Hanneman look-a-like.


Sam Shields
Damn. Another concussion for Shields,the fourth of his career. Here’s hoping he bounces back and he doesn’t suffer and short- or long-term effects.

Morgan Burnett
Yeah,Burnett had a bad holding penalty that enabled the Jags to extend the game’s final drive,but I was really impressed with No. 42’s energy and explosiveness. I thought he brought a lot of heat when he lined up closer to the line of scrimmage like a hybrid linebacker and flew around the secondary in the passing game. I’m looking forward to how the experiment of using Burnett in a variety of ways evolves.


Quinten Rollins
Don’t worry,young fella. Many Packers players who are now stars have ended up in the falling category at some point in their careers. You’ll bounce back and become the playmaker many think you can be.

Packers communication
Unlike Rollins,Mike McCarthy Rodgers and the offense don’t have the excuse of youth to explain away their communication issues on Sunday. What the heck was that on Green Bay’s final drive? Back-to-back time outs? An audible to a run where the entire offensive line was pass-blocking. Yuck. Ick. Bleh.

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