Your Dad’s Legacy

Ed and Reggie,

You had the most incredible father one could ever imagine. It’s a toss up actually to decide if he was a better “husband” or “father”, but it honestly doesn’t matter; he was a great person and I feel privileged to have known him. While I didn’t necessarily get to spend a lot of time with him (because of logistics, having small children, etc.) the time I spent with him was always light-hearted, fun and appreciated.

My hands-down favorite thing about your father was the way he brought out the best in your mother!!!! I met your mom the first week of our freshman year of college. We had a lot in common coming from small family dairy farms, enjoying beer, had the same sense of having fun, being true to our faith, and more.  As years went on we became extremely close and had the pleasure of being roommates through the remainder of college. Many good memories were made and even after college, we remained very close despite living nearly 2 hours apart. She still is and always will be one of my best friends!

But it wasn’t until she met your father that I saw a spark in her that I had never seen before. He made your mom come alive! After he came along, her confidence soared, her worries lessened, and he made her the most happy she had been in the years I had known her. Your mom was spoiled with foot massages, movies, concerts, new restaurants, Packer games, but most importantly, unconditional love. The kind of love not all people get to experience, but only think exists in movies. He reminded her daily how pretty and appreciated she was because “he just wanted to”. He didn’t “have to”, but that was the kind of person he was.

Something I enjoy every time I see the two of you is seeing your dad come out in each of you – in your eyes, the way you walk (on your tip toes!) and  your facial expressions.  God has blessed the two of you and your mother. I hope you find great peace in knowing how special you are and what a great legacy you have.


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  1. Thank you so much Teri for your beautiful words to the boys. You truly are one of my best friends and we are blessed to have you in our lives!

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