5K UP Rib Mountain

I like, everyone else, wishes they had more time to make more memories with Adam, but at least I had one. My favorite memory was him running my first 5k with me. Julie was “supposed to” but injured her back in a car accident. So instead of me going by myself, Adam nobly volunteered. Little did he or I know it was actually UP a rough route of a ski hill on a sunny October day. Four laps up and down the ski hill but we both finished! Noble, fun, diligent, and good husband, because I know he probably did it just to impress Julie!

MaDonna Enkers

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  1. Another one of my favorite memories of Adam! He didn’t prepare at all, not even one run in the two weeks notice he had (more or less). The look on his face was priceless every time he came down the mountain and was on his way back up! Ryan and I thought for sure he’d end up in the medical tent, he was so sore after that run. Thanks MaDonna!

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