How good is this Packers team? We’ll find out over the next month

It’s been nice watching the Green Bay Packers beat up on the likes of the Bears,Chiefs and Chargers so far this season. But things are about to get much more interesting over the next month.

Three of the next four Packers games are against contending teams,two of which are currently undefeated. If the Packers come through this upcoming month-long stretch undefeated,it’s safe to say we have a really special team on our hands. If they go 3-1,that’s still really good. Even 2-2 wouldn’t shake my confidence in this squad.

The NFL changes week-to-week,but that doesn’t’t stop those of us in the blogosphere from peering out into the future a bit. Let’s look into the Packers future right now and see the different types of challenges they’ll be facing over their next four games.

at Denver Broncos,7:30 p.m.,Sunday,Nov. 1
The same thing worries me about the Broncos that worried me about the Chargers: Presnap defensive looks. Philip Rivers knew what Dom Capers was doing early in the play clock and was able to adjust accordingly. Manning will try and do the same,so Capers better do a better of disguising his calls presnap,or at least building in an adjustment or two once Manning makes his presnap reads.

at Carolina Panthers,noon,Sunday,Nov. 8
I will be in a deer stand during this game,so my main worry is 1) not shooting myself in the foot and 2) the Packers getting run over. The Packers will be coming off consecutive games against wily old veteran quarterbacks looking to pick Green Bay apart in the passing game. Carolina will likely use its power running game to take a completely different approach,topped off by Cam Newton doing some power running of his own.

Detroit Lions,noon,Sunday,Nov. 15
The only thing that worries me about the Lions is whether the Packers will win by seven touchdowns or eight.

at Minnesota Vikings,noon,Sunday,Nov. 22
The Vikings roster isn’t loaded with top-tier talent,but it’s stacked with consistently solid players who play consistently. So far this season,Mike Zimmer’s team hasn’t gotten too high or too low. Plus the Vikings are young and naïve enough to think that they can beat the big,bad Packers at home in what amounts to Minnesota’s Super Bowl every season. Of the four games listed here,this one against Minnesota might very well be the biggest one. You don’t want to give the young Vikings any kind of hope that they can sneak up on Green Bay for the division.

So,what’s your prediction for this stretch? I’m calling 3-1: win at Denver,win at Carolina,win at home over Detroit,lose to the Vikings in Minnesota. Get ready for drooling Vikings fans on social media making cringe-worthy homophobic jokes.

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