Adam and Edward

On one Fall day in 2016 Edward stayed for lunch after preschool as Adam and Julie were at an appointment. I heard the backdoor open and said, “Edward I think mommy is here to get you.” He jumped up from the table and came into the hall with me only to be surprised, It was daddy! “He squealed with delight…”D-A-D-D-Y” and ran down the hall. As he approached Adam with me at his side, Adam knelt down to his knees to embrace his precious son! For you see, Adam was so weak in his body, however his mind fought so hard to make this trip inside alone to pick up his son. As Adam embraced Edward, he looked up at me and said, “Thank you and I mean Thank You for everything”. I smiled with tears in my eyes and told him no problem, I am here for you all. Just call…
A few short weeks later I said my final goodbye to this amazing man, Adam Czech. I didn’t know Adam really well before this time, but I felt like through all the stories I heard, I knew he was an amazing and dedicated husband and father. Forever in our hearts…ADAM!

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