Packers Stock Report: Packers offense is no longer Major League edition

Have we reached a point where it’s time to admit that the Green Bay Packers are a different team than the one we’ve become accustomed to? Instead of beating teams with a high-flying offense and an opportunistic defense that excels when playing with a lead,are the Packers now a team that leans on its defense and hopes its offense can scrape together enough positive plays to pull out a victory?

It feels weird typing that. We’re used to Aaron Rodgers playing like a MVP and using his talented selection of receivers and backs to march up and down the field. But since about Week 4 of last season,the Packers offense has been a weird mix of three-and-outs,frustrating moments of miscommunication,back-shoulder throws that fall harmlessly to the ground,a lackadaisical running game,and,worst of all,a fundamentally flawed quarterback.

Every now and then the offense’s ineptitude is interrupted by brief stretches of brilliance – usually some type of improvised sandlot play after Rodgers wriggles out of the pocket — that give us all hope of a return to form. Then another back-shoulder pass flies out of bounds while the receiver never turns around,a timeout is wasted as the play clock winds down,and we’re right back to square one.  

I’m not ready to change the identity of this team yet. But it’s nearly been a full season of the Packers offense looking like Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in Major League before he figured out that he needed glasses. We’ve long passed the point where we can simply write this off as a slump.

Good thing the Packers Stock Report isn’t in a slump. Let’s make like Pedro Cerrano after he figured out how to hit a curve ball and knock this outta the park:


Nick Perry
Here’s hoping that 1) Perry can finally stay healthy for a full season and 2) that he continues playing with the intensity and disruptiveness in both the pass and run game that he’s shown these first two weeks.

Mike Daniels
Where would the Packers defensive line be without Daniels? Daniels owned both whoever was trying to block him and Adrian Peterson on Sunday.


Joe Thomas
Well,isn’t this a nice surprise? I forgot that Thomas even made the team out of training camp. Not only did he make the team,he’s making plays.

Clay Matthews
When Matthews hobbled off the field after the first series on Sunday,I said,”Well,three goes his hamstring.” Thankfully,Matthews returned and was his usual solid self. Sounds like Matthews’ ankle is a bit gimpy,though…


Aaron Rodgers
Unless it’s a freestyle,sandlot type of play or a defensive pass interference,Rodgers isn’t able to get the Packers offense moving. He’s also been uncharacteristically inaccurate and his fundamentals are way out of whack. I’m worried. I want Rodgers to tell me to R-E-L-A-X,and then torch the Lions for 400 yards and five touchdowns. Then do it again the following week…and the following week…and the following week…

Mike McCarthy
I was perfectly fine with McCarthy’s decision to skip the field goal and for it on fourth down late in the game. But a shotgun run up the gut to James Starks? With Eddie Lacy standing on the sideline? You’re killing me,Mike.

Jacob Schum
Looks like Ted Thompson simply replaced one struggling punter with another struggling punter.

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